Saturday, January 01, 2011

Christmas Eve Morning and Beyond!

Breakfast of "Overnight Waffles".  I know everyone says this about every recipe, but these are seriously THE BEST waffles.  And I'm a picky carb chooser.  I think my mom quadrupled the recipe and people ate them until lunchtime finishing off all that batter.  It was another miracle.  Served with oranges from AZ (thanks Auntie Lark!) and poms, this meal was a major hit with the 10 and under crowd and the 10 and over crowd.

*I loved hosting this Knudsen Christmas Family event at the CC for many reasons, but one was being privy to the behind-the-scenes action.  M&D (as well as the rest of us) went to bed mightily late the night before but after all the feet had pittered off to their respective beds, they headed for the kitchen to make the waffles---overnight.  Thanks, it was worth it!

A quick shift of gears from breakfast to cupcake decorating.  These were in preparation to visit the firemen as they stand by to save the day away from their families at Christmas.  We Goochmans know what it is like to have the Papa missing this time of year.

Blessedly, he wasn't this year and drove the whole gang down for some true Fire truck action.  To the thrill of littles and longs alike, we rode around inside bells, whistles, and horns a hollerin'!

Thank you, Durham FD!  

My favorite was the thermal camera.  White means warm.  Look at all those little hot bods! 

Back to the homestead where the cousins familiarized themselves with the family flock, finding some farm fresh eggs in the fray.

Cousin Pearl took a particular liking to the poultry.

 Are you still with me?  Because I'm still going...

We're entering the CED (Christmas Eve Dinner) portion of the day now.  See the handstamped table cloth.  The theme of our week was LIGHT.  

Gugelhupf, our local (just around the corner) yet internationally renowned German bakery provided the carbs for the CED.   Good job, G.

The man of the hour.  Well, the man of my hour.  The man of all my hours, actually.  Dr. Gooch in the dining hall.

The whole hive was a flurry of activity as we waited for the dinner bell.  You had to yell to be heard and kick to be understood.  A thousand things happening at once at all times and yet, such a peace to be gathered in one place.

Tossing salad and no doubt ideas, too.

Ashley's Ivy captured me, CAPTURED me I tell you.  I'm all hers!

Okay, take a breather.  But I'm not through yet.  There is still the LIGHTing of the LUMINARIAS, and much much more.  

Monday is the day I've chosen to begin my new year.  The weekend is my Limbo between 2010 and 2011.  A free zone, if you will.  I'm using it to do things like...nothing, and also staying in bed until 10:30 yesterday morning, and sit on the couch and watch my kids for hours at a time.

And, of course, wrap up Christmas until next time.  I spent my evening carefully corralling ornaments in big bins as I untrimmed the tree.  What a year.  What a week!  I loved every bit of it.


Melanie Anne said...

what a happy housefull!! I loved to hear about all your Christmas traditions--and delicious recipes! What a beautiful family. Happy New Year!! I wanted to tell you that I really love your blog! thanks for taking the time to share your ideas and inspiration!

kera said...

I loved this blog post especially, because although my family is not AS big as yours we have a bit of chaos when our family gets together and although it feels crazy it also feels normal and good! You all are beautiful and creative and I have loved visiting your blog this year! Looking forward to 2011!!

The Original Mangums said...

WOW!!! A SUPER GREAT CHRISTMAS with all the trimmings and many traditions. Very wonderful!

beck said...

How fun to have so many family with you. Especially that Craigo got Christmas time with the family as well. But I guess he's not a resident anymore, is he?!