Thursday, December 30, 2010

A New Tradition

It's not so much the final result: toes trimmed, sparkly, colorful--just like a Christmas tree.

It is sitting down. It's the warm water and the bubbles collecting around your ankles.  It's the firm massage of tired feet.  And more than that, it's the chance to be together, uninterrupted, committed (for at least 40 minutes) to conversation.  I know I pay them, but every time I go, I can't help but think of that long ago Mary at the feet of her Savior as I watch these women perform this service.

It's a new tradition.  Every Christmas Eve with my girlies three.

This was our first year.  She was over the moon, but got rainbows on blue toes.


kera said...

oh i love every thing about this post.....i too love the quiet uninterrupted time with my girls when we have this done along with the end result of our beautiful feet and toes! and the way you tied mary and jesus into this post was beautiful!

k a t y said...

So, do your girls have to be a certain age before they can participate?

Tasha said...

I love how you tied it to Christ, miss you.