Thursday, December 16, 2010


In Utah, where I grew up from age 12, the length and grey of winter wore me down and its early arrival seemed always to trump Spring.  Though there is nothing like a Utah summer.  I welcomed Louisiana's balmy warmth, but missed the seasons so.  In Phoenix, too.  There, summer lasted half the year and the rest was an in between that left you wondering "what time of year?".  Though, of course, they say "our winter is your summer."  BUT that sizzling, melting heat.  Ai yai yai!

We've lived here now for 2 1/2 years.  This year we lived through the hottest summer on the books and an especially frigid December.  But, North Carolina is the first place I've lived where I have loved every season. Most of all, I love the forever Spring and Fall.   I've experienced a gripping beauty in those months here in the Northeast.  I love summer.  A season to beat the heat with dips in the rivers and escapes to the Atlantic in the Outerbanks.  I hope never to do summer without the beach comfortably close again.

I love winter here, too.  I am also baffled by it.   I'm baffled at how much green remains when temperatures dip and snow begins to drip.  I'm amazed at how in minutes the climate can change from sweater weather to bundle-up-to-fetch-the-mail weather.  I love to watch the changefulness of this season of rest.  I love a chance to watch instead of work in the garden.

I (and my rascals) love that school is cancelled for any such snow, slush, or ice in the forecast.  Like today.   Even in the "Dead of Winter" things here feel so alive.  So alive.  Snow fell, baking a white cake at daybreak and by midmorning the rains came to frost it all with winter's ganache.  This glaze amazes me.  Any icy crust weighing down branches and limbs and whole trees.  Freezing droplets mid-drip.  Truly a Wonderland of Winter that has me by the heart.

I feel that I have found, here, the angle of my climatic repose.  In this season of wishes and gifts, I wish for you to find the gift in the place you are in.


k a t y said...

We are on our way to come enjoy your weather, your CC and those rascals.

Great photos.

Elizabeth said...

love the last photo! i am very happy climate wise. I love the humidity!

sara b said...

HOLY PHOTO....that last one is awesome!

The Original Mangums said...

Winter wonderland! We got snow last night and this morning was beautiful. The road crews are awesome and we had clear roads to Council Bluffs and the Tabernacle, we are loving our Mission!

TX Girl said...

Such a great tribute to North Carolina and its four glorious seasons.

Especially love the photos. Very cool.

Melanie Anne said...

Wow--what beautiful pictures and words!! i was just telling my sister back in Utah about the coating of ice that we had this week. It really was amazing. I loved it! Merry Christmas Jordan!

Susannah said...

I, too, feel a strong connection between spirit and climates/seasons. I've lived all over--Texas, Chicago, NJ, MD, KY, TN, and in April my family and I are relocating to the Triangle. This post made me even more excited--thanks.