Monday, November 01, 2010

The Garden at CC...

Is on auto-pilot thanks to frequent rain showers this fall.  I love that.  I harvested half the radishes and three pale green peppers today, picked a few weeds, and made pesto out of the largest basil bush in anticipation of the cold tonight (37 degrees F).  We've had an unseasonably warm October, but I'd take fresh veggies over snow any day.

Found a blossom on these tall, healthy, sugar snap peas today.  Next to them, shelling peas and beet sproutlings.

Plant your cruciferous vegetables in late Summer (instead of Spring) for a bug-free crop.  Broccoli here.



Bumper crop of dinnerplate dahlias! 

Nothing says fall like pumpkins and mums.


madsta said...

Your garden looks so lovely I feel bad for wishing snow, but If I get some over in Ruislip, you should be safe over in NC :)

Brookeanne said...

Wow... looks magnificent! And pesto sounds delisc!