Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fraser Fir Found

We "chose and cut".

We chose a rainy Tuesday.

We were the only ones to make this choice.  We had the whole farm to ourselves (besides Bobby and Jonny) who live there on Bobs Lane in Glade Valley, NC.  We drove and drove up and up until the fog got so thick we told the children we'd have to get out and swim the rest of the way.  Through the fog.  But, we came down a bit to enter this breathtaking valley.  The rain at once saturated both color and odor.  And the children's clothes.  It was so pushy, that rain.  Her drizzle rushed us through the rows until we quickly found our 9-footer.  At a good price we tied her up to the car and drove and drove all the way back home.  Scooby-Doo paraded loudly in the back while Dr. Gooch and I took care of business via i-phone and pad.  I was struck with the details of our lives and how many details it takes to make the days fly by like they do.

The children were thrilled that the tree had arrived and moaned at the prospect of waiting until tomorrow to trim her.  Though, our 8-foot (who knew?) ceiling demanded some instant trimming on both ends, plus vigorous shaking out of loose needles, before we could squeeze her into our modest abode.  As we hoisted and balanced her into our ancient tree stand I thought, How odd.   To bring such a small part of the huge outdoors in and watch it become huge in our small indoors.  Right before our very eyes.

My mom observed, "The perfect tree".  Christmas is awakened by her heady heavenly perfume.  A detail, this season, I wouldn't dare overlook.

Welcome, December, to CC.


The Original Mangums said...

A great tree for a great and memorable Christmas; have fun decorating and send a picture!

kera said...

mmmm.....we hunted ours down too friday! we have cut our own down for the last 3 years and it's just a great family tradition...trudging through the trees and all!

Ann said...

We have a Fraser Fir as well--and their scent IS heavenly!

Tracy said...

Cool pics, beautiful color.

Ashley Thalman said...

Oh Jordan, your kind of lovely is so wonderful.