Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Dear Hazel Rae,

"Hazel, being 3"

You've been three for a whole year now.  You've napped with Dad, flown a kite, stayed home with mom a lot, run in the park, gotten the flu, eaten many many meals, picked strawberries, painted hundreds of pictures, "read" hundreds of books, hiked through forests, marched in a parade, hung out with your uncles, helped feed your little sister, taken thousands of rides in the back seat of the van, broken your arm, hunted for eggs, played in the drapes, played with Grandpa, made a snowman, decorated the Christmas tree, ate lots and lots of ice cream, swam in the ocean, relaxed on the beach, slipped down a giant slip 'n slide, smiled til you dimpled, healed a broken arm, shopped at the farmer's market, ruled the kiddie pool, smelled the roses and the tulips, hugged your siblings, talked really loud, went bowling, sunburned, spun on the tire swing, ate out with mom, snuggled with grandma, kissed, loved, sung, danced, laughed, and lived a very full fourth year.

I think you are more than ready to start your fifth.  Happy 4th, baby Chookah!!  I love you and your love for life and all the people you find in it.

Yours forever,



Ann said...

Happiest birthday to Hazel!

sara b said...

Happy Birthday to our favorite Hazelnut!

the Batos.

The Original Mangums said...

Happy Birthday to our sweet four year old! So good to talk with you today. Love you!