Tuesday, October 05, 2010

When Dad Sleeps

They say "live in the moment", but sometimes Dr. Gooch and I like to fill our pillows with talk of "someday".  Someday all the money we shell out to whittle down the loans we owe will be put toward globe trotting with the rascals four.  Someday when they're all in school we'll go on just-for-two jaunts on our favorite bike trail. Someday I'll buy you a bike, he says.   Someday there will be no more diapers.  Someday, they'll prepare a meal for us.

Now, when Dad comes home to sleep just as we other five begin our day, we try to stay away.  Like at the park to swing while Dad snores.  To help him get some sort of semblance of sleep.  Because someday, they won't be SO loud.  Someday, they'll busy themselves quietly somewhere.  Someday, I'll crawl back in bed with Dr. Gooch without any thought for tomorrow.


denice said...

I read your blog frequently and love how you express yourself. I don't know you but am struck by our many similarities. Husband's job, # of kids, student loans, vacations, bike rides, no diapers and the ability to go back to bed when they go off to school. I'm about 6 years ahead of you on the someday scale. Even though I've always "lived in the moment" the someday I'm at now is pretty sweet. It's nice to see you enjoying the ride also.

k a t y said...

Yes. The somedays are nice. I can see it in the distance, but realize now how sweet little kids actually are. Thanks for this post.

And cute shoes.

Love you, Jord.

M said...

You're going to love Possession. It's a fantastic novel.

The Original Mangums said...

Someday is here for us, we are on our "Someday Mission" and it feels great! Our next "Someday" is going to be traveling for as long as we want and staying to visit as long as we want - til we wear our welcome out! Somedays are great! Enjoy the Park and whatever else you do while Dad Sleeps.