Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mountain Tuesday

We're not a normal family who uses weekends for together time.  So...we took Dr. Gooch to the mountains on a Tuesday.  Because on Tuesday, he was home.  A special thanks to the Hendersons on our way who recommended a stop over in Valle Crucis for sandwiches that went well with the autumn palette.  

Christmas Tree Farm

At the Mast General Store in Valle Crucis

Linville Falls


kera said...

fall is BURSTING OUT everywhere!! we just returned from a beautiful camping weekend at Whigg Meadow in NC....GORGEOUS colors surrounded us! Glad you had Tuesday with the Doc...I'm sure those times are precious!

Bloom said...

and i heart your music taste.


Vhari said...

Wow it does look so beautiful. Sorry for likely seeming an idiot when I asked you about it tonight. I hadn't seen your blog yet. It was fun getting to talk to you at YW. You take absolutely gorgeous pictures!

Ingrid said...

You are a fantastic mom.

Jenny Dahl said...

wow. Maybe next time Sara B takes my family pictures we can all fly there!

Ann said...

Beautiful autumn photos!

We too, have our weekend fun times at random times in the week--I kind of like having it that way.

The Original Mangums said...

What lovely fall colors and what awesome grandchildren! Wow! You and Craig look great too! Sure love you, I also like the music!

abby said...

i think you'd better frame that swing picture. darling.

TX Girl said...

I love that you make your Tuesday (at least this week) your weekend. Another one of your inspired moves. I need to take a cue from you.

Gorgeous Pics. I've got to get there.