Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Eggplant and Beet Seeds (and Trees)

The last of the eggplant.  Or so I thought, then two more gleaming bulbous black beauties caught my eye as I was watering today!  Hooray for late eggplant.  I pulled the okra after finishing off the harvest in a Sunday pot of smoky Gumbo!  But, also NOT noticed while I was watering: the gate left open by me after I moved the hose through it.  I returned from school-drop off to find all four hens pecking in my beet patch at newly planted seedlings!!  Blast those chicks gone bonkers!  I had to turn the electric wire on the fence back on after their taste of freedom.  I don't trust that Gloria girl.  She's a wanderer just like her mama (that's me).

Big things on the horizon (and even right on the front steps):  piano lessons for Seth.  We quit art class to my dismay.  But Seth insisted that he didn't enjoy "being told" WHAT to draw/paint/craft.  He says,

"Mom, I just want to do landscapes."

I can't argue with a man who knows what he wants (i've learned this from being married to such a man).

So, piano it is.  Also, Lucy chose horseback riding lessons over dance classes.  She's got her own head on her own shoulders, too.  When all is said and done, I'd rather them rascals be that way than the alternative.

Two front teeth have brought in some serious revenue to our eldest son, Seth.  On 10-10-10, he lost them both (already loose) to a run-in with "a toy".  Photos forthcoming.  I'm crazy about his new look (and sound).

Preparations for Halloween are slow going this year, which I absolutely do not mind.  I've got Thanksgiving and Christmas on the brain.  We're making preparations already for the guests who are coming.

We have a new guy.  He's Welsh, from Wales.  He's also tree whisperer.  There he is ridding one of the willow oaks of dead/diseased branches.  What?  You can't see him?

There he is!  "Just another day at the office", he says to us, with a Welsh smile.  

There's his assistant with the rake.  They made a good team and also made our picnic area safer for the little heads that will litter it this season.

Mr. Tree Guy told us the story of our trees and their condition.  He said that when they undergo a huge amount of stress like a drought or like when they put the horseshoe driveway in, the tree responds to the stress by putting out certain pheromones that attract a certain insect which then proceeds to infect the tree with a certain type of canker, which over the years could lead to the decay of the entire tree.  Remember this tree this time last year?  That was exactly its fate.  

This tree stuff gets me thinking.  Sometimes I feel the urge to do just as the tree does, when a load of stress begins to creep into my life.  But I don't.  Because we're not trees, we're human beings and we have huge things ahead of us.   Huge and important and much better than a fate of log rot at the bottom of a forest.  


Ann said...

I love how life is happening for the Mangums--the way it should be.

The Original Mangums said...

Beautiful yard; glad you saved that wonderful tree.

Sarah said...

Mike knows his trees, don't you love his accent?