Wednesday, September 29, 2010

These Women

Were there when times got heckuva tough.  When I was pregnant every year.  When I hadn't seen Dr. Gooch, in what felt like months.  And, we all survived those Med School and Residency years.  It's been a handful of years now and most of us are done having babies.  All of us have gotten to know the men we married again and have watched them have a bit more of that novelty: free time.  And, we are all still friends and fall easily into conversation and drive our waiter crazy.

Beautiful, strong women.  I discover more about myself each time I see them.

That was Friday.

The rest of the weekend, we retreated with a smaller five-member group of Ya-Yas, to the rolling hills of northern Utah.  We stayed up mind-blowingly late and then stayed in bed as long as we wanted.  

Rebecca flopped onto her stomach at the foot of mine and we resumed the chatting to my sheer delight.  So.  Much.  Chatting.

 I caught Lara on film in embarrasingly perfect poses and we spoke in the early hours of splurging on milk and meat.

Tasha hosted with the mostest even without weekend WiFi--a feat, my dears.

And Wise Amy, mother of FIVE (including the twins Simon and Beatrice) is looked up to by me (except when I'm wearing heels...and, actually, even then).

Until next year my dears!!!



Natalie said...

oh i love these ladies too! what a great reunion! i hope you ate something delicious for me!

**although if i were there, your line about "everyone done with med school and residency" wouldn't have been true :(

not that i think about that too often or anything.....

9 months and counting!

TX Girl said...

I always enjoy being your roommate, even if it means I might possibly get sick.

Thanks for the crazy pics of me. It seems appropriate given my weekend behavior.

Counting the days to next year. xoxo

Amy W. said...

So glad I dropped by! mmmmm, loved all the cameos of the laaaadies! So good to see you . . . next year I'm bringing my heels!!!

Tasha said...

Until Next year! Sure love you!

Emily Busath Murdock said...

I must admit that I'm jealous of your weekend with such wonderful women... some who I have the pleasure of knowing and some whom I hope I get to meet someday!

Also fresh is my jealousy that you got to do med school/residency with such a supportive group of women! Before Katrina, we'd hoped that we could have the same; but alas, in the end we ended up doing residency solo.

You all look beautiful!