Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ivy Envy

I spent this weekend in the Salt Lake Utah area.  Two of my siblings have lingered out West.  The oldest Girl and the oldest Boy of the family.  Ashley and Jacob.  Ashley brought along her Eli.  She also brought along her Ivy, who I met for the first time.  I have a heavy case of Ivy Envy.

And...can you blame me?

Eli was NOT sure about me.  We sat in the car for a bit before lunch so Ivy could suckle some lunch of her own.

 Then Jacob arrived!!  He's so tall and handsome.  And he treated his sisters to Greek Food.  Thanks Jake!

 Eli warmed up after some Gyro.

And we snapped a few self portraits of the five of us. 

I almost took Ivy home.  Holding her, I realized, my Avery is not a baby anymore...I'm in denial.  I consoled myself (and the cute Utah cousins) that we would meet again in December.  Only a few months away.  It cannot come soon enough.  


Jessica said...

I loved these photos! I think you have posted more photos of Ivy than even Ashley! What a gorgeous group!

liz canaan roberts said...

this is the first time i noticed, Ivy and Avery could totally pass for sisters.

Rebecca said...

Oh man! So cute those kids. And the grandchildren, too!

k a t y said...





SoCalGal said...

Is there a #5 in the near future?

Kurt Knudsen said...

Thanks for the photo-documentary of the Greek lunch! Love those mugs!

The Original Mangums said...

How fun for you! Family is the best! Love you! (Avery and Ivy do look a lot alike, so sweet)

These Three Kings said...

I heart gyro and all types of greek food! Pretty pics! Thanks for sharing with us! Glad you have fun!

Jessica said...

I'm so glad you were able to come and visit your sister and brother. I love the pictures you shared. :)