Monday, September 20, 2010

Guess Who's Home?!

And he brought crab!

Other than that, things are very plain.  Plain day.  I'm paying off taxes (long story).   Hazel is sitting super close to me right now pleading with me to let her watch her Barbie movie which Dr. Gooch threw away due to excess scratches.  My parents are still living with us and I can't believe they've put up with our rascality this long.  I count their presence as a tender mercy.  My Dad is working on a wonderful painting that I can't wait to show you.  The sun keeps shining and we really need rain.  We're enjoying the warm days and cool nights that a Carolina September has to offer.  I've learned never to waste away this seasonal inbetween because once the cold comes, I always crave warmth.  I'm thinking about our friends, MD and Kentucky who having their little Mia sealed to them in Idaho and I wish we could ditch our lives for a weekend and go!  Also, thinking ahead to the holidays at CC.  My sister is coming down for Thanksgiving and then the whole family (6 sibs, 5 spouses, and 13 or so cousins) will be traveling from far and wide to converge on her at Christmas.  Which reminds me I need to call a chimney sweep so we can roast chestnuts on an open fire and all that jazz.  I have a headache, I need to shower.  4:00 can't come soon enough.  And, the dishwasher is leaking.  Monday.

PS  Our neighbor came over (Linus' master) and we boiled the crab for 8 minutes in Paul Prudhomme's seafood boil and fresh herbs from the gardey.  Sweet sweet meat-you hardly needed the butter.


madsta said...

wow! I'm a bit of a wuss to be honest, and a vegetarian, i would've run away, yessuree.- I'm glad it's not just me thinking ahead to the holidays! I'm always obsessed in september!

Kurt Knudsen said...

The crab made us happy

The Original Mangums said...

I've never had fresh crab! Someday I will try it! Sounds good, bet it is! Monday's, why can't we just start with Tuesday!?!?

Ann said...

Glad your hubbie is back and with such visitors!

We can't wait for the holidays with the Mangums.

When we first moved here, our dishwasher leaked and we found out we were simply using too much detergent. Try using less?

TX Girl said...

TAX MAN. Glad to hear it has finally come to an end.

You have so many fun things happening these next few months. Can't wait to see you capture them.