Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dear September,

      Thank you for the summer we never had.  Thank you for your sprinkles and sunlight.  Thank you for sinking the mercury and lifting our spirits.  Thank you, September, for reminding us of the seasons and how the changing of them reminds us to forgive, forget and move forward with new seeds and soil.  Thank you for luring the rascals from out of the cottage into the courtyard.  Thank you for easing us ever-so-gently into Fall.  Thank you for being you, September.



madsta said...

September is spider season over here.
It is one of my least favourite months, I'm glad someone is enjoying it :)

Ann said...

Yes, you gotta love September!

Jessica said...

I look forward to September because I know that the humidity always leaves! It has been a great month for birthday celebrations too--always bright, cheery, and tingling with fall fun.

sara said...

I like this.

I love your writing.