Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Centerfest, Durham's Art Festival

It was a "perfect in the shade" kind of day.  A Saturday.  We support the arts (and house the artists).  Seth's favorite was the Republican Den of Mr. William Lawson running for congress.  The had "comfy seats" not to mention free popcorn, chips, candy, and lemonade!  The kid likes his creature comforts.  But we took our goodies over to the kids tent where the creative juices were flowing.  Painting, mask-making, drum-decorating, and pinwheel perfecting, while we watched the young irish dancers perform.  We just wish we had had a bit more cash so we could have eaten at Party in a Pita.  Next year!

Hazel Matisse

Who is this masked lady?

Avery, surveying her sketch.

Beautiful pottery, baskets, and jewelry.

They support the arts (and Lawson for Congress)

A lovely way to spend our morning.  

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k a t y said...


Did mom get a basket?

I like that dad put his sticker in the middle of his shirt like a little kid.