Monday, September 13, 2010

Carefree Ranch, Chapel Hill

What I learned (or re-learned) after spending an entire morning with my Mom 45 minutes away at Carefree Ranch in the country side of Chapel Hill:

North Carolina does "a drive in the country" like nowhere else I've been.
I want to re-do our gates to look just like those at the entrance to the ranch, but I won't.
My mom also felt like she was "ruining her children" when she was in the throes of motherhood.
Zoysia Turf grass (see above) is the new green.
A Canter is like a gallup but not as fast.
There is "Western pleasure" riding and English riding and different saddles and posture for each.
The owners of the ranch also own Charlie Hilfiger.
Charlie Hilfiger is a Stallion whose semen is shipped worldwide for breeding purposes.
You can begin horseback riding lessons as early as 4-years-old.
When the horse puts his ears back, it is a sign that he is unhappy.
When the horse puts his head down it is a sign he is getting ready to buck.
When the horse is getting ready to buck, sit "on your pockets" and yank the reigns back.
Spinning at the YMCA does not prepare ones behind for the after pains of riding horseback.
I want my own wooden windmill up on the hill.
I want two cats, named Juice and Pepper.
I want my own horse.
I want my own ranch.

And now I'm determined to get Lucy into lessons.  As I was leaving she begged me to take her along.  In an effort to persuade me she pronounced, "I'm brave enough!"  And one must be brave to mount and trust such a huge and wild animal.  

The whole experience was, as they say, bucolic.


Anonymous said...

where did you get your vernacular? every time i come here, i feel inferior and realize my vocabulary is lacking.

TX Girl said...

very jealous! I miss taking horseback riding lessons. Spinning classes doesn't give you the arm strength to get the dang saddle on the horse either.

I'm with you on wanting horses and ranch. Looks divine.

Jessica said...

My nieces grew up taking horseback riding lessons (in southwest VA) and it always seemed so tranquil and privileged. Big animals freak me out so I like to keep my distance but I love, love, LOVE Virginia horse country. So fun to see you and your mom together on horses!

Ann said...

Sounds dreamy!!!

Ingrid said...

To overcome my fear of horses, I took an equitation class in college. It was very liberating. I found that I became a braver person in all aspects of my life. I loved it. This post reminded me of that turning point in my life when I learned I could conquer anything if I had the courage to do so, so thank you. Love the gate too.

The Original Mangums said...

A great day! Enjoy your Mom! Sure miss you, the children and Craig; but glad we are where we are, having a great mission!

sara b said...

What a morning! I am thrilled that you and your mom did this together.
I mean, who gets to ride horses at a famous semen shipping ranch? :)

One thing....I'm very allergic to cats to it is either Sara B or Juice and Pepper. Consider it, friend.

Yours Truly,

Arbon Family said...

FUN, I would LOVE to take my kids here!