Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Three R's of a Happy Marriage

Dr. Gooch taking our picture and wearing a pair of my sunglasses because he is always losing or breaking his.

1.  Respond.
No matter what your spouse is speaking of, respond to any thought expressed out loud in your presence, even in mixed company--positively, respond positively.

2.  Remember.
It is true that this may become more difficult with age, but remember requests and rants, delights and desires.

3.  Roll in the hay.
Whether it is two times a week or twenty-two, keep it regular, make it happen.

Your Welcome


Kurt Knudsen said...

I roundly recommend replicating.

Ann said...

Thank you. Well said.

k a t y said...

Great advice.

Ryan always wears my sunglasses, too.

Susannah said...

That's why I buy my sunglasses at Target for $5.99...couldn't agree more with the Rs.

onehm said...

I love the R's. GREAT advice that I am really loving!
I have lurked for a while at your inspiring blog, but never commented. Thank you for sharing your love and enthusiasm for your home, your family and your life...

TX Girl said...

I have to say I'm still giggling about this one. I think I'll tape it to the mirror in our bathroom.

Lizzy said...

Thanks for making me laugh out loud Jordan. I needed it today!