Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Seth's First Day of Second Grade

Seth.  My boy.  You came in my room first thing this morning already dressed in your fresh new threads.  You had that look in your eyes, that anticipatory gleam.  As we decided on the best items to stash in your lunch I reminded you that your room was B12, like the vitamin.  I quizzed you on your teachers name and you remembered it.  You assured me you were not nervous but excited and I believed you.  As we trudged through getting your sisters dressed and fed, you kept asking, "is it time to go?"  As I was taming Lucy's hair into a pony, I asked if you would miss your sisters, you gave a sweet, "yes."

We pulled up to the front of the school, the ground saturated after an early morning rainfall.  You hopped down and struggled to pull on your overloaded book bag and I asked you for a kiss, you leaned your cheek toward me.  You always do that.

As you walked away and I drove away my heart sunk suddenly.  I thought I should have reminded you one more time that it's "room B12".  But I think you'll remember.

Happy first day, sweet son.


madsta said...

he looks a lot like dr gooch! you can see it more now I think :)
that is a precious picture of you two! :)xxx

Rebecca said...

Ah, Seth! Happy first day.

Kurt Knudsen said...

And he came home happy too!

kera said...

Such a sweet post! I shed a tear just reading it...I have a pre-schooler and a 1st grader. Still wasn't easy sending them off on their 1st days. :( I'm happy though that I'm sad about it rather than the opposite! We have rough days for sure but I'm soooo happy to be their mommy!

The Busch's Hullabaloo said...

I hope it was a good first day and the days to come are just as exciting. I had a good first day too! I have 24 bright-eyed fourth graders that are truly a joy to have in my life, I hope each one of them are as excited as Seth!

The Original Mangums said...

You just look so happy and we are happy for you! School is awesome!