Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Amish and toll roads

We are still kickin. I'm posting from Dr. Gooch's fancy iPad. How do I get my photos onto this thing? Anyway, the parents are holding down the fort while we have one last summertime hurrah in the northeast. We experienced highway robbery (literally) when pennsylvania cleared our wallets with toll fees. But the beauty of those rolling hills nearly made up for it. Here we are now in ohio kickin it with the cousins. What a life. I can't complain.


bliss said...

we just did ohio to upstate new york last week and it cleaned us out too. i didn't even have enough quarters left for a dollar menu ice cream cone.

shawna b. said...

Jordan, I know. I know! Those toll roads! Killers. Thank goodness there's something beautiful to look at while you fish for loose change.

Enjoy lovely PA. I'm pretty smitten with the Amish Country myself.

Happy trails!