Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Treacherous at Two

Avery was stung by a wasp the other day.  
Just down from the front porch is a Russian Sage that hangs heavy with bumblebees.  
The hens have hopped the fence and now keep company in the vegetable garden from time to time. 
 This all worries Avery who likes to keep company there, too.  
The chickens like to chase her.  
We're keeping them around though.  
Both Avery and the chickens.  
Because we're really hoping they start laying soon.  
The chickens--not Avery.  


madsta said...

That's such a precious picture of the two of you!- I hope she's alright, I got stung by a wasp that had come and sat on my head, in an art lesson, in england, in NOVEMBER! of all the luck, and I'm allergic, hope they buzz off soon!

The Original Mangums said...

That hurts! Wasps are terrible pests to have around - and they hide so well! Never suspect they are there until it is too late! Love the picture of you and Avery!!!

Elizabeth said...

Love the photo!

Panooch said...

We miss you guys, we want to come see you.
Very handsome chicken.