Monday, July 26, 2010

Katy, I love you.

Was this really the last picture I took with you in it?  Our combined nine and just your sexy Florida-tanned legs?  We really must remedy that.  But, quick, before your birthday is over and you embark officially on your 32nd year (for you've completed your 31 first this day), let me tell you that I love you.  I love you for politely listening to my untiring pleading to please come bring your children for a visit (and your Ryan, too).  It's okay if you don't right away, but don't wait too long.

And one more thing.  Although I don't believe the six of us were as "calm" as Dad claims, I do believe you were.  You are some calm in my storm.  Loves,



k a t y said...

Thank you, Jord. Love you, too.

Ingrid said...

So sweet.