Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Things Are Actually Pretty Good

I was sitting in our sitting room and I decided to get up off my pile of whine (see below post) and picture for you what is happening in the vegetable garden here.  I've just about lost patience with my red cabbage heads, but I'm still holding out to see if they get any bigger (same for the brussel sprouts, though I think I need to eat them before the worms finish them off.  Brassicas, are they worth the effort?

I'm pleased with the zucchini squash.  My Dad was probably right about the corn, not enough sun, but only because the tomato plants got so unusually tall.   Though, I do have some ears beginning to form.   The cucumbers are directly behind that fuzzy patch of carrots tops.  I think an increase in water has helped make them more sweet (less bitter).  The carrots and beets I'm leaving in the ground and only pluck as needed.  Pear tomatoes--yellow.  And a first this year: eggplant--black beauties.   There is something to snack on every day and the hard work is paying off.

In other news, our 8-year-old desktop went back in its box and Hazel's arm came out of its cast.  They swear up and down it will straighten out though it looks disturbingly crooked still.  Hazel and her Dad made a list of all the things she can do now:

Wear her long sleeve flower pajamas
Pick up her water glass at the dinner table
Buckle her seatbelt
Take her shirt off and put it on
Wipe her own bottom
Wash her hands
Swing really high on the swings

Now say a prayer that she doesn't re-break it before it has time to "remodel".  Sigh.


Kurt Knudsen said...

Congrats Haze!
8 year old desktop back in the box???
What does that mean?

Jessica said...

Wow! What a garden!

Anonymous said...

That is one impressive garden!

olivia said...

i heard the desktop-in-the-box might lead to tv-out-of-new box.

are the rumors true?

and i didn't sense a whine last time. but i'm still sorry that i couldn't even keep one of the four in my lap for very long. i should probably practice my bow-drawing.

you were super-woman to me! hope i can come glean off your example again soon.

The Original Mangums said...

WOW! Come on over next year and help me put in my garden - I want one like yours! All but two tomatoes have died, the squash vine is trying to live, but doubtful, the cucumber is doing great, and the rabbit ate all the beans and pepper plants! I'm not a great gardner!

TX Girl said...

Yes- I'm with your dad. Please explain.

Hope all goes well with the remodeling.

sara b said...

In my imagination things are always good at the CC.

Craig is using his wit to make someone laugh.
Hazel is sitting on a lap sharing a bowl of cereal.
Lucy has a handful of potato bugs on the front porch.
You are whipping up something delicious from your very impressive garden.
Seth is playing in his room with something that has wheels.
Avery is quietly meandering around the house.

How close am I?
Miss you friend.

We've been doing nothing but "spinning" around here too. Will it every be still?

Got your text...yes, made it to SLC. Move in to the house this weekend. I'll call soon.

Jordan said...

Our 8-year-old desktop computer.

Mary said...

Your garden is just lovely! I wish I had the patience to cultivate a green thumb like yours!! :)