Monday, July 05, 2010

Driving Me Crazy

I really am in pursuit of "the still".  In "the spinning".  After church today I found a piece in the solace of Lucy's single bed, under her butterfly comforter I relinquished my wakefulness and fell into sleep. While the rascals whirled in play around me,  I had vivid dreams of dolphins in the surf and riding in a pale green VW Bug with the windows down.  I had some hot crispy french fries in hand and my kids were in the car with me.  One in the front seat, the other three in the back.  Except they were really really tiny.  Like about two inches tall each.  It was the perfect size.  Small enough that I couldn't hear them.  Small enough that they couldn't reach each other.  Not big enough to eat all my fries.  

Today in church Avery was ferociously holding onto my neck rocking me back and forth asking "You okay, Mom?".  Hazel kept switching seats and talking loudly which was a problem because Seth had the pew blockaded with his feet propped across the way, which irked Hazel.  Avery was sharing her goldfish which ignited a chorus of "give me one!"  Lucy kept wanting me to add bows onto her drawing of a princess.   I glanced up once wondering what the speaker at the pulpit was trying to tell me but was quickly drawn back to "the spinning" as I tried to hush Hazel's chanting .  She bobbed her head from side to side saying the same thing over and over.

"I'll never give up!  I'll never give up!  I'll never give up! I'll never give up!"  


madsta said...

ahhh church, so many naughty things have I done there! i'll pray you find your 'still' really soon!

anna said...

sorry Jordan. Tomorrow is another day, right? One day I said to my three year old son, "You're driving me crazy." (I said it rather calmly, actually) He looked at me and said, "No, you're driving ME crazy." Wow. Really?

Hope you get a little peace and quiet this week.

Kurt Knudsen said...

Sorry we weren't there to add extra adults in between the ruckus. Mary Deane and I wandered the halls during church here in VA.

Alyssa said...

what is it like to have hot french fries you don't have to share?

TX Girl said...

Only you could make what you refer to as "whining" sound poetically brilliant.

Often, there are days, that I wish small fingers couldn't reach my fries too.