Wednesday, July 21, 2010

DC in a Day

Mucka Mucka (Grandma and Grandpa) stayed home with our four "extra wild and crazy" rascals while I whisked Dr. Gooch away to Washington.  Only four hours (five with traffic) to the North, and an itinerary full of freebies, it was the perfect (belated) anniversary getaway.  Our first ever.  Two nights at Hotel George across from Union Station.  We spent both mornings sleeping in.  We were in such shock at the lack of demand on ourselves that we stayed in the cozy until 10am!

The Capitol, gardens and grounds.  It was a sweaty but sweet start on our LONG Mall walk:

The sky performed right on queue at the Washington Monument.  Dramatic.

A zoom-in on the "first garden".  Go Michelle O.!!

The National Gallery: Both buildings.  

We also spent 2 1/2 hours in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.  No photos please.

No photography inside the National Portrait Gallery, so we took our own outside. 

For me, traveling is mostly about the food.  Dinner reservations for 6:30 at Zaytinyas.  Thin, hot puffed pita bread with fruity olive oil and pomegranate molasses.  Fresh feta cubes with poached apples.  Crispy potatoes with yogurt.  Cucumber soup.  Kibbeh.  Hummus, Babaganoush, and strained greek yogurt for our dipping pleasure. 

We finished the evening with cold drinks and chocolate creme brulee at Bistro Bis back at the hotel.

The next morning we headed West a bit to Georgetown and ate d.o.c. certified neopolitan pizza at 2Amys at 11am.  (Both restaurants came highly recommended and I in turn recommend them to you on your next visit to our nations Capital).  

The National Cathedral and white crepe myrtles graced our morning before heading home.  

As we pulled out of CC's horseshoe drive, Dr. Gooch paused at the gate for a prayer of safety on our travels and our loved ones at home.  He also prayed that "we would fall in love again".  Easy enough with this handsome hunk.  

Thank you Mucka Mucka!!


madsta said...

How fantastic!- you guy's deserve it, looks like you had a brilliant time, you've made me hungry! oh, and your check shirt is gorgeous!

Panooch said...

I am soooo glad for you two! DC can be so romantic! Great pictures!

Susannah said...

Ha, traveling is definitely all about the food for me as well. The food, and then walking off the food in between meals by traversing the city. And, are those squash blossom fritters????

Jessica said...

When hubs and I travel I NEVER want to leave the hotel room so I'm impressed you made it out by 10! Sorry it was so stinking hot but my goodness you saw a lot! Glad you like the Z and the 2A! That's my favorite way to see a city--walk, eat, and repeat. Did you have the sparkling lemonade at Z? It's awesome. Hopefully we'll get to see you next time you step up to DC!

The Busch's Hullabaloo said...

Happy Anniversary! Isn't it amazing what a few days away can do for a marriage? I'm glad you were able to get away and fall in love again. And the food makes it even better!

Ann said...

I could toss the museums and everything else out the window, but the food, never. I agree, that's always the best part. Congrats!

Kurt Knudsen said...

Zaytinya's is a hard name to remember, but I haven't forgotten the food. SO GOOD!

The Original Mangums said...

Happy Annicersary! So glad you got a few days to enjoy each other (and sleep in - unheard of! Friday we are off and running, we are packed and ready to go!

sara b said...

Looks as though your time in thee District was PERFECT.
Good for you!
These images are fabulous.
That food made my mouth water.
Can Mr. Mac and I join you next time?

kelly said...

do tell were did you get the cute tshirt with the bike on it. happy anniversary!