Tuesday, June 08, 2010

What a Difference Less Than a Month Makes

From THIS:
(May 18th)

to THIS:
( June 3)

The broccoli is gone.  So are all our lettuces.  In their place cucumbers and summer squash are spreading their tendrils out and out and into the aisles!!

The cauliflower is also gone.  It did not fare well.  Anyone have success with Cauli?  I'm cheering on the brussel sprouts (though so are the little cutworms) and we will get an armful of small red cabbage heads, I believe.  For now, green beans are sustaining us every night for dinner.  Oh, and carrots.  Yes, lots and lots of those.


Kurt Knudsen said...

looking lush. I'll be there tomorrow to help harvest!

TX Girl said...

Egades! What are you feeding those puppies? Talk about a healthy soil composition! Clearly I need to take gardening 101 from the Gooch family. Ours is in sad shape.