Sunday, June 13, 2010

Seth's Rules

1.  If you tell me your going to do something, I believe you, and you better do it.

2.  No sauce on my pizza.

3.  I measure my life in seconds, minutes, or days, please communicate likewise.

4.  Do not tease me under any circumstance.

5.  You must give me at least 10 options (ie. breakfast choices) before I decide on something not included in the suggested list.

6.  Live by logic and facts.  Sarcasm and Joking not allowed.

7.  The more variety and quantity of kisses the better.


madsta said...

awwww...he would hate me, i am very sarcastic, nice mushrooms/toadstools? :)

Anonymous said...

he sounds quite wise.
#1 is a rule i believe myself.

Ann said...

That Seth. He will do great things.

Natalie said...

he's a man that knows what he wants and where he's going. no doubt.