Monday, June 07, 2010

Loozey Anna

The least retired retired couple you ever met.  Meet Mama and Papa Gooch!

The homestead was dedicated by Dr. Gooch's Dad.  I overheard him say, "Paula, I remember when it was just me and you."

To say they "multiplied and replenished" would be severely understating the fact.

Girl Cousins

And a quartet of some high quality boy ones.

Late Dinner at Catfish Junction

Swimming, swimming...

and more swimming.

We miss you.  But, next time we're flying.


madsta said...

Thanks for sharing- that looks so fun! I've only got two cousins, it would be great to have heaps!

Kurt Knudsen said...

That's a marvelous Mangum menagerie!
(my word verification was "minica"

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

Big families are great! Looks like a lot of fun!

Jourdan said...

Small world! I stumbled upon your blog yesterday (cause we have the same name!) from a comment you made on Will's blog (my husbands cousin, kind of)...but how do you know Bethany?

Very cute family! And very awesome garden!

The Original Mangums said...

Suprise after suprise and then more suprises! What a wonderful week, so special, never to be forgotten! Thank you!!!!