Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Jig is Up

Was it CS Lewis who told us "we read to know we're not alone"?  Because, I'm telling you now, that "we read to know the world is not what we thought it was (sometimes)."

Seth is turning seven this Friday.  He is beginning to "read" the world around him and I watch him take in what it says and proverbially hold it up to the things already in his head.  He compares and contrasts. Reading the hours posted at the burger joint he wondered aloud, "Why do they start with Monday?  Sunday is the first day of the week."   I need to remember to tell him how to recognize truth.  To teach him that.  To arm him against the bewildering battle of ideas and notions he is beginning to face.  

On the beach today, he tore off running, chasing the bulbous aircraft trailing behind it a secret special message, I overheard him reading aloud to himself.  With each word he slowed his pace then stopped, the excitement extinguished by the time he got to the phone number.

"Hurry!  Milligan's Raw Bar and Grill.  New Menu.  Call (252) 480-2000!"

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TX Girl said...

I love that you used the word jig.