Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Achillea millefolium

Or Yarrow.

In antiquity it was known and used for staunching the flow of blood from wounds.  It is drought tolerant and PROLIFIC.  Aggressive, even, I'd say.

It's also lovely and I found 8 different varieties in the garden here at Cicada Cottage.  It is a "cottagey" flower.

In other news, my parents moved in last night.  They slept with the window open in the guest suite and said it smelled good.  Today, I think I'll take them to the Gugelhupf Bakery and then to Target of course.  

What fun to have extra bodies in the house (bigger bodies that don't whine or pee in their bed).


Kurt Knudsen said...

Love the yarrow and all the varieties of colors.
We will try very, very hard not to whine or pee in bed.

k a t y said...

Holy Yarrowly!! Love all the flavors!!

kera said...

how fun AND HELPFUL to have your parents there!!! and LOVE the the gorgeous array of yarrow! my grandmother started drinking yarrow tea years ago when she got a cold and SWORE BY IT! it's tastes horrible....really....honey can't even make it a little yummy. but watch out cold you'll be gone in NO time!

taLaNe said...

Your garden, flowers and children (the wounded included) are so lovely! Everything is beautiful! Thank you so much for the rose info, it is very much appreciated! I haven't begun my search yet, but I will very soon. I can't wait!
Thank you, thank you!

The Original Mangums said...

The yarrow is beautiful, I need some of that - little water, aggressive - I like it! Wonder if the rabbits like it too! They have just about distroyed our beans and peppers! Sure cute but distructive! Welcome Becky and Kurt!