Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sense and Sensibility

We took the table outside and ate cake in his honor.  He's 34.  I've known him for a few months more than 9 of those years.

And one of my many favorite things about Dr. Gooch is his sensibility.
He works in an environment full of people who have lost their senses and comes home (often but not always) to a wife who's done the same.  
Yet, he keeps his about him and seems to have the "clear picture" perpetually in view.
What a boon to have that sort of person around.

I celebrate you today, my sleepy sleepy man.

I gove your luts,



liz canaan roberts said...

cake looks delish. so does the rest.
happy day for dr. gooch!

Kurt Knudsen said...


Lexi said...

That cake looks yummmmmy!

Amy said...

I want cake details. I've stared at that thing a few times over the past few days! Is that lemon curd on top, just bedded in the frosting - whipped creamish type? and is it covering a lemon cake with more curd in the filling?? You make beautiful food.

And kids. :)