Sunday, May 02, 2010

The Perfect Saturday

 Strawberry picking, first thing in the morning.

The park at Southern Village, Chapel Hill.

Watching Dr. Gooch make saves.

Cool down.

Dinner @ Magnolia Grill and Dr. Gooch's dimples. 

And the Best of All: the birth of Baby Ivy Baker (newest niece).


Jessica said...

I was hoping for news about Ashley and Ivy! Perfect Saturday indeed!

madsta said...

that strawberry picture is too cute! and that baby is divine! the cutest thing, ivy is a name i had stored away for when i have children, needless to say i love it!:)

Carol said...

That picture of Ivy is ADORABLE!!!

k a t y said...

That is the perfect Saturday.

ps don't give away Seth's surprise--mailed today!

Ann said...

Perfect indeed!

Tasha said...

Ivy is a treasure!
And that pic of you and Gooch is wonderful!