Thursday, May 27, 2010

An Essay by Seth

One day my dad is going to build a boat.  It was a house boat.  My Dad went and got wood.  When he came home he put the wood together.  First the bottom was done.  Tomorrow my dad is going to build the windows.  He puts the wood on the side of the boat.  He gets another piece of wood.  he puts the wood on the top.  He goes to get some windows.  He puts the windows in.  Tomorrow he's going to paint the boat.  Then he went to Lowe's.  He got a pole.  He also got a sail paper.  He put the pole in the hole at the top.  He attached the sail paper.  he painted the top of the boat.  After a few days we put a oven in the boat.  We put a stove in.  We took a big bed.  We took little beds in.  We stuck an engine.  We put a table and chairs.  We made lights.  We put the lights on the ceiling.  We took the boat to the beach.  We hopped in the boat.  We were going to live in the boat.  We sailed away.  We still saw the beach.  We were eating lunch.  We play in our rooms.  We had fun.  I looked out the window.  We didn't see the beach.  It was dinner.  After we ate we went to bed.  In the morning we went three hundred miles.  We saw a floating lighthouse.  We also saw a goat.  It was fun.  We saw land.  It was night.  I saw a light.  it was a lighthouse.  We sailed to land.  It was dark.  We were tired.  We picked up some food.  Then we went back to sleep.  In the morning I saw an island.  It had a palm tree.  With rocks.  It was small.  We stopped the boat.  We walked on the island.  We played in the water.  We saw fish.  We picked up shells.  We made sand castles.  It was fun.  We went in the boat.  

We sailed away.

I looked out my window.  There were lots of fish.  I asked my dad if we could go fishing.  My dad said yes.  He went to get a fishing pole.  He put it in the water.  We had seven fish.  We had fish for lunch.  We were hungry.  We ate all our food.  We went in our rooms to play.  I played chase.  My sister chased me.  then we played with our toys.  It was fun.  We sailed across the sea.  We saw jelly fish.  Then we found a beach.  We sailed to the dock.  We hooked the boat on the dock.  We went fishing.  We ate dinner.  It was going to be a long trip.  We visited a lot of light houses.  We were going to have a snack.  It was bed time.  I turned on a lamp.  I got a pillow and blanket.  I started reading.  When I as done, I slept on the couch.  In the morning I ate breakfast.  There was an island.  it was bigger.  It had a long path of sand.  We followed it.  It lead to the outer banks.  The outer banks has beaches and lighthouses.  We played on the beach.  We found a starfish and shells.  We play in the water.  We had lunch in the boat.  We had fun.  We saw a crew ship.  It was big.  

Then we saw a fin whale.  

We saw lots of sea creatures.  Then we ate dinner.  Then we went to bed.  In my room I read some books.  Then I sent to sleep.  Then I woke up.  I ate breakfast.  I had cereal.  I saw a lighthouse in the water.  it was tall.  Inside there was a kitchen, bedrooms, a living room, and also a dining room.  People live in the lighthouse.  Then we saw a bunch of boats.  They were sail boats.  There was ten boats.  A helicopter was landing on the lighthouse.  It was dinner.  WE ate our food.  I played in the living room.  Then went to bed.  I heard the waves outside.  Soon it was morning.  I woke up early.  I played with my toys.  Then I ate breakfast.  I saw mountains.  They were tall.  We were in florida.  We went down to Jacksonville.  We were at the beach.  There was a dock.  We hooked our boat to the dock.  We saw no waves.  There was no people.  We saw lots of buildings.  We saw a crab.  We played in the water.  The water was cold.  It was summer.  We went back into the boat.  We went to the outer banks.

I said, "Seth, I love this!"  Then began to point out certain details that I particularly loved, like reading on the boat with a lamp and seeing the fin of a whale...

He interrupted my explication, "Did you count how many sentences?"


"There are one hundred and twenty."

view from where we stay in the Outer Banks, NC


kera said...

what a GREAT essay seth....i love the imaginations of kids, so convincing huh! and i LOVE your view from the OBX!!! we've gone every summer for the past 5 years and LOVE IT!!!

Kurt Knudsen said...

The kid's a genius!

k a t y said...

It's all in the details for that boy. I don't think I've ever written anything with one hundred and twenty sentences.

Ingrid said...

You can tell so much about a child in their essays. Some things I now know about Seth...he loves spending time with his Dad, he loves lighthouses, he is a detailed, gifted writer like his mother, and YOU have created a wonderful childhood for that happy little boy!

Rebecca said...

I remember counting words as a kid. That is way cool, Seth!