Monday, May 17, 2010

Dear Blog,

Life is getting away from me.  How did there all of a sudden become so much.  I can barely stop to enjoy these chlorinated bodies with their smooth-skinned smiles.  Dear Blog, you will have to simmer on the back burner.  But first, don't forget the rain right now that finally came and let us coil the hoses back up.  Don't forget that Avery's sass nor Hazel's incessant need for conversation.  Don't forget how a lesson in kindness sunk in a bit more for Seth. And, Lucy, don't ever forget Lucy.



Jessica said...

Oh no!

Kurt Knudsen said...

At least give us a photo a day.

madsta said...

your not blogging? for how long? :)xxx

Maria said...

so sad :(

kate said...

I love your blog and I just started reading it. It must take a lot to do so understandable but you will be missed. Hopefully we will see you once and a while!

TX Girl said...

I hate it when you take these breaks. But, they always bring you back feisty and I love you feisty.

sara b said...

Good for you!
I hear you, friend.
My hiatus may be right around the corner too.
Life is calling, and that is a good thing.
You enjoy every bit of those smooth-skinned smiles.