Thursday, April 01, 2010


No, I'm not pregnant.  I'm milking the opportunity for that prank as long as I can, though.  I loved the sincerity of some of your felicitations!  I almost felt bad.  But then I didn't and just laughed and thought of the brilliance of this holiday.    And this tricky joke!  It gets my mom every time and then she gets so mad and calls me cruel.  I don't think I got her this year.

Though, I ate a burger the other day and I almost only eat those when I AM pregnant.  Weird.  But, I'm not.

I asked Dr. Gooch what his reaction would be if the news were true and it was April 2nd?  He said, "I guess it would have to be joy."  Yes, folks, it would be, but we are so happy with four rascals.  And four chicks!  They are all eight SO LOUD!!


We live in a Zoo! said...

The pregnant bit just never gets old, probably because there is always someone out there to fall for it. And its usually me, lol!

Jessica said...

I did the pregnant announcement last year on facebook and I did feel badly about all the eager congrats I received. Then there was the angry phone call from my mother asking why she had to find out from my brother, who found out on fb. Always fun. I do think five rascals would be fun. Don't you need one born in NC?