Thursday, April 01, 2010


sale strawberries ready to be mashed and jarred for jam

sprouted lentil mixture ready to be fried up

fro yo fruit smoothie ready to be devoured

wheatberries ready to sprout grass for Easter

Many preparations in the works.  Spring Break starts tomorrow.  Dr. Gooch is dead to the world half-way through a string of night shifts.  The wasps have something up their sleeves.  They've been hanging around outside all the windows and I found one in the attic the other day.  Strange.  It's too early to plant the corn.  The soil needs to be consistently 60 degrees at least.  Dinner last night was a delicious disaster.  The food was delicious, the children were a disaster.  Do you let your children complain about the meals they're served.  We don't.  But still we keep at it:  number five is on the way!


Wesley said...

Is this an April Fool's joke or are you really expecting?

BRENTandROBIN said...

Honestly, i don't know what to believe here. you guys are a great baby makin machine so you never know.

However, I'm going to reply with your reply "as if."

Love you and the pics (as always!)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! This will be the first rascal that has come along since I started following your blog. I'm so excited - you have a beautiful family, in every imaginable sense of the word :) Bless you!

Howard 6 said...

So exciting! I am a blog stalker who happened upon your blog through NieNie. You are now a daily check-in obsession of mine =) Beautiful family, great posts and pictures! I enjoy my time spent with you.
Kristen in NC...not close enough to your town, though =(

Jessica said...

Hah! That is the biggest april fool's joke EVER.

S. Schuller said...

I hesitate offering congratulations, but I would be so excited if indeed you were expecting the fifth Goochkin! That smoothie looks delicious.

Ann said...

Jordan, your torturing all your followers with your April fools!

TX Girl said...

You really are mean. Lulu wanted to know what an April Fools joke was. I'll point her to your blog.

Anonymous said...

congrats if it is true!

Natalie said...

if you're crazy enough to joke about out! you might just get what your asking for!

at least, that's what happened to me one time.

congrats if its for real....and congrats if its not.

a crazy mother of too many

Kurt Knudsen said...

One of your more cruel April Fool's jokes.
-the Grampa