Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lady Lessons

Seth squatting in the surf with Hazel and Lucy (and Lucy's super toned patootey)

It's Saturday.  Spring break ends tomorrow and so does our cousin fest on the Florida coast.
With eight girls, Seth has fared remarkably well.  
There was only one spring break down. 
One evening Seth kept entering one of the bedrooms where the girls were playing.
Each time he entered screaming would ensue.
I ordered him to cease for the sake of all our ears.
Then he began to divulge his feelings in fits of frustration.

"They're just sitting there with all these dresses!!!"
"They're not doing ANYthing!!!"
"Theres NO POINT!!"

Yes, Seth collected his first lesson in female functions over this break: a lot of what we (females) do appears to have "no point".  And, I think, the reason for this is that we (females) grow up to a life where everything has a purpose in our quest to at once mother and wife and womanize the world.  Childhood is our only time to indulge in a truly pointless existence.  
[Maybe blogs are the adult version of "sitting in a room with all these dresses"?]

Then, aunt Katy made Seth a paper airplane and order and purpose were restored to his universe.


Natalie said...

oh how true this post is. you worded it perfectly. as i type, my girls are upstairs doing "pointless" things in their lavendar room with a tea party table. and my boys are making caves with oversized bean bags. katy is smart...anth has had to pull out a few paper airplanes himself to save the masculinity in this family!

toned patooteys are important no matter what gender though!!!!!!

madsta said...

my younger brother, a couple years older than seth, is the same, he has grown up with a gaggle of girls and just doesnt get us, its funny, but he's learnt to indulge us, give him time :)

SoCalGal said...

ha ha! John says the same things about his sisters. We really need to get these boys together!

Lauri's Photography said...

I'm a mother of two young boys and this post made me chuckle.
Love it.

olivia said...

Not sure why, but this almost makes me cry. Maybe the way you wrote it? I just feel for him, I guess. I'm not sad for him, just touched? I want to KNOW Seth well before he grows too old for me.