Monday, April 12, 2010

Good Morning

We were only away for five days and it was like coming home to a new garden.  Behold the power of Spring as seen first thing this morning left to right clockwise in the Cicada Cottage Garden:

Cabbage-caught dew drops, Dr. Gooch's sunflower patch, baby roses by the porch, red-headed Japanese Maple

lazy man's tool shed, sweet peas climbing, blooming path, purple columbine

Blueberry Bush Blossoms, strawberries following suit, edible view, potatoes!!!

re-planted beans making their debut, Arugula explosion, lovely laden rose vine, salad bar!!

And one more glimpse of our Spring Break.


kelly said...

oh my, what a sight! What a lovely lovely sight!

liz canaan roberts said...

where is our Spring i wonder?
seems like it's (slowly) coming on.

p.s. Dinah LOVES dancing to Forevermore. it's pretty darn cute.

Kurt Knudsen said...

so so beautiful! Our cherry blossoms blossomed this week! Ahhhhh.

Melanie Anne said...

Oh how dreamy!! I LOVE your gardens! So beautiful and inspiring. I recently moved to TN from UT. I am missing all my gardens...but hope to plant some here. Do you have trouble with bugs? Everyone keeps telling me how hard it is to grow vegtable gardens here with all the bugs. Your are gorgeous! Wow!

Martha said...

love your trip tips and thoughts on sitting among the dresses. so true. and incredible garden!