Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Brother Ben Been Born

25 years ago! 

 Ben is someone you want to have around.  Close.  Because when your world begins to swirl, he's ready with a calm (quiet) well thought out answer.  He's like a duck, criticisms roll right of his back ("Ben stop slouching", "Ben wear sunscreen").  He had a pet duck once, too.  He named it Latrell (after the basketball player).  This was all before he choked his coach (Latrell, not Ben).  The biggest and best news is that Ben and his Olivia are moving here.  To learn Landscape Architecture here.  Olivia thinks I'm excited because she can babysit my kids.  Olivia is probably one of the top ten kid-friendly people.  But, really, I'm just excited because she is equally kind and cool.  That is a rare quality.  Also, I'm excited for her to babysit my kids.  And so are my kids.  Ben can watch World Cup Soccer with Dr. Gooch, and that is exciting for everyone.  Congratulations and Happy Birthday, Ben.  I love you and your Oliva.


Kurt Knudsen said...

love your Lucy.
love the Ben bemusings.
love hearing your blog musical moments (Korea wouldn't let us listen)

TX Girl said...

I just don't get how you did it. Nearly all your family within a close distance. Impossible odds.

jph said...

I remember Latrell. Great duck.

"Ben stop slouching" and "Ben wear sunscreen" made me laugh. It's true that he takes it well. If you look closely you'll even see a slight smile from the corner of his mouth..

jph said...

Wait a minute! Duck or chicken? I thought LaTrell was a chicken. Ben had a duck?