Wednesday, April 07, 2010


I woke up to this.
Balcony prancing and a sunrise that took my breath.
Both of Hazel's feet off the ground.
Missing the mister.


madsta said...

that looks so beautiful! its miserable in england! wherabouts are you guys?

B said...

What a positively gorgeous picture!

B xxx

Tasha said...

How fun! They look like they are having the times of their lives! Are you with your sister?

merathon said...

you are at the beach? so jealous!

mrs. farlanderz said...

I don't know you but you should know I stalk your blog as often as possible.
it makes me smile.
this photo especially, made my heart skip with excitement.
thanks for blogging.
cheers -

Rebekah V. said...

I love Hazel suspended in this moment.