Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Addiction Admition

The roses exploded while I was away this past weekend.  The scent makes your eyes roll back in your head and then there's those petals.  Thick and soft and packed in there like this is their last chance to bloom and no holds barred.  This is pure horticultural extravagance.  I couldn't help but bring these nearly-spent blossoms indoors.  And look at Dr. Gooch's stubby peppermint amaryllis back there.  She's been giving us blooms since January.  My Dad was surprised to hear I have no houseplants.  Are there houseplants that provide such heady displays of color?  I just need flowers.  I have tried to resist.  I cannot live without them.  When I see them, I have to cut them and put them where I can be closer to them all day.  I'm even thinking of going into the floral business.  Would you invest in me?  I need a store front.  You should see the purple ones.  Purple roses!!  


Kurt Knudsen said...

Those roses!

madsta said...

i have never seen roses like that! what kind are they?

k a t y said...


Jessica said...

Those beauties came with the house? Oh mama. At first I thought they were peonies! So large and lovely!

LJ said...

Spectacular! Makes me want to plant some. Are they old English Roses?

TX Girl said...

Jo- at first glance I thought they were paper. They look AMAZING! What are they?

I'm with you.. I'll take fresh flowers any day.

Katrina said...

oh, i love roses too. we still have a good month before mine will show up probably. right now the rose bushes, and grass, and trees, etc are covered in SNOW!

sara b said...

I can smell them from here.

The Baker's Goods said...

I'm usually not a fan of roses, but THOSE are cool!

Ingrid said...

Purple roses are my faves! You lucky gal!

Rebecca said...

Amen, amen! Love the roses.

sara said...

UN-REAL roses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!