Tuesday, March 09, 2010

This Evening

I transplanted three lavender plants (one Dutch, two French) out of the raised beds into another part of the garden.  Hopefully they survive the move.  Making room.  I spent a better part of the morning doing soil tests from each bed.  This is our first Spring planting at the CC.  I am giddy about it.  Our Nitrate levels were low so I amended a bit and tilled each box (oh my achin' back).  And look at the swath of grass Dr. Gooch removed on the side.  He's fitting slate stone slabs for a little path that will lead into the backyard.  I love how it looks.  The tomatoes and the rest of the vegetables will go in these eventually.  I readied another area that used to have blackberry vines but will soon house sugar peas and a small strawberry patch.  We don't yet know where to put the corn.

I turned shovel after shovel over and the children played in the rocks and dirt.  It was warm enough for me to be breaking a sweat, but a hyacinth-scented breeze tempered the "heat".  The sun was going down it was almost five o'clock.  Avery (2 in May) would stop her rock stacking periodically to beg me to change her diaper and Hazel began similar cries for food.  I could hardly focus on them.  I was intoxicated by the smells.  The feel of finally-Spring was such a lift.  Suddenly, I was dog paddling in the deep end of our pool in Albuquerque, maybe 10 years old...catching tiny red strawberries tossed by my Dad for us to eat.  I could taste the sweet-tart burst in my mouth and feel the chlorine-sting in my eyes.

Next thing I knew I was pulling jammies on dirty children.  Skipping baths we flew through dinner, books, and bed and the girls were snoring by 6:30--all three.  As I lay with Seth we spoke of planting the strawberries tomorrow before the rain comes on Thursday.  He wondered if tomorrow there would be strawberries ready to pick.  Not until later in summer.

"Maybe then, when we wake up in the morning, we can come up to your room and say, 'Can we go pick some red strawberries?' and will you let us?"

"Yes, definitely."  And maybe we can talk your Dad into a backyard pool.


S. Schuller said...

It looks like Spring has sprung at CC. Nice work. I can't wait to see what your planter boxes are transformed into come Summer. (BTW, I am SOOOO jealous you have a huge, gated yard and room for your little ones to play while you work. Someday!)

justenoughstyle@gmail.com said...

ooo looks like so much fun!!! Lucky ducks!!! Some fresh good dirt to get dirty in.

Kurt Knudsen said...

Those raised beds look pregnant with possibilities! Good job tilling!

Jessica said...

How extraordinary! YOUR garden beds.

Becca said...

ooh, please share how you do your soil tests. do you take samples somewhere or do it yourself?

buddens said...

Hi, I've read your blog for a while (found you from Sara B. who I grew up with) and I LOVED this post. Just the picture of your garden boxes made me ache for some of my own! You've mentioned your dad was also a gardener, so you clearly have some know-how. Not that you're not already incredibly busy, but more posts about the how-to's of successful gardening (with your prose to guide us along ...) would be great! Soil samples and all.