Saturday, March 20, 2010

Moving Forward Without the Camera

Let me try and describe the scene.  New tulips opened their two lips today.  Joining the Daffs.  Dramatic red and feminine fringed pink.  They reminded me I needed to get some plastic eggs to fill for Easter weekend festivities--somehow.  So I gathered my chickadees and we ALL went to Target.  So lucky that we found a parking space right next to one of the extended cab carts with the additional two seats in front.  Avery sat side saddle in her regular perch, Seth and Hazel claimed dibs on the "cab" much to Lucy's disappointment.  I had to pick her stiff-as-a-board body up and deposit it in the main part of the cart so we could make it into the story in this millenia.   So lucky. That cart.  That close.  These are the details that make or break a day.  No one was run over and everyone was in an inescapable position.  As we made our cumbersome way across the lot, Lucy added an urgent reminder to "Lock the car Mom!!"  Which I did and thanked her for the reminder.  Everyone had a green apple and piece of wheat bread to keep mouths happy and avoid too many requests for ICEES!  PRETZELS!  MACARONI! PIZZA!  CHOCOLATE MILK!  It went pretty well.  "We" had a hard time resisting all the new Liberty of London for Target merchandise seeded on the end caps throughout the store, but we managed and made our way to the Easter Island at the rear.  Nothing like a sail around Target's seasonal section to get the kiddies revved.  Seth visibly brainstormed and came up with the idea of a trial run on the egg hunting.

[not pictured:  a macro view of the frilly pink tulips and all the blooming branches I cut to put in vases scattered around the house]


Kurt Knudsen said...

sounds like Spring is poppin' out all over at your house!

Jennifer said...

Oooh. I love the Liberty Line, too! Sorry to hear about your purse.

TX Girl said...

I hope the snowy weather we received today bypasses you. So depressing, especially since we planted flowers and tomatoes and...on Friday.

Oh Liberty of London. It has been haunting my dreams I tell you!

Sparklebot said...

I just went to Target yesterday with my husband only, and we both had to drag each other away from the Liberty of London items.

The rain boots. The gardening pails, the baby dresses. The stationary. All so beautiful.

I don't know how you manage four children in a store.

sara b said...

Jo, I was out of town this weekend and just caught up on your last few posts.
What kind of creep steals from a gem like Jo?
My blood is boiling.
So, so sorry.

On a happier note, I ran into your sister Ann in the Metro. It was such a fun surprise!

I'm calling you TODAY!