Monday, March 15, 2010

A Moth

dirty, scratched and dull--my wedding ring last week (the bar was added after the diamond popped out once)

She was tired.  It was the end of the day and she wanted to take a shower.  As she washed her tired, fifty year old body her eye caught a moth flying around in the steam rising from the hot water above her.  It was probably going for the light.  Those moths, you know, they can't help it, they are drawn to light.  For no reason at all she swung her hand at the moth as it just happened to reach a certain level.  At that level, at that very moment, she slipped.  She slipped just as her wedding ring caught on the curtain ring.

Who knows how long she'd worn it.  Probably since the day she married him.  Whoever he is.  These aren't the details that mattered right then.  Because right then, there were other unforeseeable details.  There was the moth, her hand, the rings (one on the hand and one on the curtain rod) and the slip.  All of which intersected in time.  This sequence of events led to the slice.  Severing skin and several nerves.

She dried off, dressed and got herself to the Emergency Room somehow.  There, Dr. Gooch was waiting to sew up her ring finger.

That's why he told me, the next morning, in the shower, that "wedding rings are a bad idea."  We're thinking of going the tattoo route.

So, is this one more thing to "watch out" for?  People with guns who are mad at you, trampolines, getting the pit out of the avocado with a knife, and moths in the shower?  Or maybe, there is nothing to watch out for.  Maybe your going to turn your head and your two-year-old is going to climb the steps of the play structure, maybe you're going to ride on the back of Ben's scooter to work, maybe your going to board that plane, or maybe you'll snack on those almonds, and maybe you'll just wake up to start the day armed with only a prayer.

And at the end of it, that day, after surviving unscathed, you'll probably want a hot shower.


Kurt Knudsen said...

Sounds like the beginning of your novel.

Katrina said...

i have a tension setting too. :-)

and you probably know this but you could get that ring looking like new if you got it rerodiumed (no idea how to spell that).

SoCalGal said...

John feels the same about wedding rings. His dad (a hand surgeon) has seen too many de-gloved fingers to even dare wear one himself!

rebecca said...

We bought a trampoline last summer.
That ring story.....
oh, man.

Rebecca said...

Yes, I agee with your Dad. Start that novel: Living on the Edge With An ER Doc

Ann said...

I'm glad I had my ring set low.

Tracy said...

I've had a few wedding ring "instances" myself. Thank heavens my hand is still in tact, though.

Prayer is the best defense. Things happen...bad things, scary things, painful things...that's just life. The quest for a pain free, Utopian life is a vain quest indeed. But armed with prayer, at least we know He is in control, and that we can make it through...and maybe even learn something in the process, and maybe even have a great story to tell (about moths and rings in the shower, for instance).

olivia said...

OK, now I want to hear the story about how the diamond popped out once.

Just yesterday I saw a tattooed wedding finger in the audience of the March Madness game and I was already a little jealous.

I also agree with K&B that it's novel time for you, and with Tracy: if we were to simply add to our "watch out for" list, we would be living contradictorily (a word!) — we'd need to stay inside a white empty room, but we'd need to go outside for fresh air and sun... I don't get on a scooter, but I still drive in the car—a vehicle just like the one that caused our scooter crash. I said a prayer that morning. And even if its purpose was only to nudge me to find socks and put on real shoes... that was enough defense. Even if a prayer doesn't change God's will, it can help us understand His will.

O superlong... sorry... I always go on forever.