Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I noticed today that the bugs have already discovered the lettuce growing rapidly in the garden.  Note to self: apply Sevin Dust immediately.  I wish there were a dust that could keep the mess out of my house as well as it does the pests out of the garden.  

The tomato soup had Avery for lunch

I'm posting over at Bloom today.  What a great community they've formed over there.  Check it out.


Kurt Knudsen said...

I'm anxious to sample the Asian Mesclun in one of your salads. End of May okay?

Rebecca said...

Oh, looks like a salad to me!

k a t y said...

Love the posts.

Likely said...

linked here from bloom. You are a lovely writer, thank you for your thoughts. What a beautiful blog. My sister in law lives in the durham chapel hill area. are you close?

you would be a fun friend.