Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dream and Do

The chicks pre-teen hens have been the easiest pets we've ever had!  Look at those grown-up feathers coming in.  Lucy hosted them out in the front yard today.  They scratched and pecked while we weeded and planted.  It was a marvelous day in the sunshine.   Put the garlic in between the strawberries and peas.  Then, after the kids were all in bed Dr. Gooch and I laid in the fresh-mowed lawn below the towering willow oaks.  Their tender new foliage glowed in the evening light.  Red birds teased each other up in the trees.  "I love our yard", he said.

We are creating just the life we imagined for our children.  Fresh air, space, room to run, and as much love as we can muster.  It is amazing what can be done by first fashioning in your mind what your heart hopes for your future.  This miracle of creation (and stinkin' hard work).  It never ends.  Life is beautiful.


Kurt Knudsen said...

That Avery is one flexible kid.

madsta said...

i really want some of those chick's now!

Ann said...

Your life IS beautiful!

sara b said...

A beautiful life indeed.
I only hope we too will provide fresh air, space and room to run for our three.

Can't wait to see the CC in person!

Tracy said...

That is a cool picture of those chicks. Timothy was looking over my shoulder and said, "I love those chickens!"