Friday, February 19, 2010


If push comes to shove
and here it always does
I'd rather hang the hours
'Round the shrieks and grins
of this li'l one, three years in
to this earthbound state
Than spread them thin,
Those hours,
With world-weary, full-grown men.


Rebecca said...

Your words are delicious. Can't wait to spend the hours with her, too.

olivia said...

and to think: i hardly know her. :(

Ann said...

I'd rather as well.

Rebekah V. said...

You really make me reconsider poetry. I had dismissed it for a while. I love the contrast between the words 'Round and thin. I love how the word 'Round means around but feels like encompassing and full. I love the colloquial beginning, it is almost like a little game you are inviting us into but then "and here it always does" pulls us right into the reality that mothering can push you. I love the breeziness of the tone and the weight of the decision. I just love this poem.