Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Her Drinking Name is "Topaz"

Only the chill (that we can't seem to shake) is keeping me up right now.  Seth is finishing his homework and then I'm going to find some warmth with which to sink myself into sleep.  But first, I'll force some words here tonight.  A food story--the best kind.

She soaked and sprouted the lentils over three days.  And somehow, without funds or fair weather, we 
managed to happily host a sister for the week.  Mrs. Baker, with an Ivy bun in her oven.  Oh, and of course her effervescent Eli.  We loved feeling our family expanded for seven days.

The jar was filled as the tiny legumes grew little leaves.  We reminisced over our Roni and cheese tonight: "I miss Eli chasing us!", Hazel offered.  "I miss Aunt Ashley getting me oatmeal and sugar in the morning,", Lucy longingly replied.   As for Seth--"the sisters" may never live up to Eli's elite playmate status in his older cousins' eyes.  We plumped up with pride as we basked in her patience all week long.

She thrice rinsed the beans until finally they were steamed then mashed into patties fried up with fontina for lunch.  She allowed me a few tears of self pity and I provided fresh views around town.  We added a pinch of browsing at beads and eavesdropped on "Opal" and "Garnet" relating relics from past bar visits.  Blend all of that with a bit of Boggle and Ashley fed us healthily and heartily.

We already miss Mrs. Baker's Goods and can't wait to meet Ivy in April.

*For the recipe go here (but don't forget to sprout your lentils).


k a t y said...

I miss her, too, and she wasn't even here!

Loved the words. Glad those two boy cousins have each other.

Kurt Knudsen said...

We've missed her AND you for the past 16 months! Love the shot of the boys.

Susannah said...

I love 101 Cookbooks. This recipe looks delicious--I also highly recommend her sweet potato falafel!

ashley said...

This will sound so random - but I was about to comment on my friend Abby's blog and I saw your comment and I was like, weird, that looks exactly like Ashley Baker, who taught a drawing class I took, and lo and behold, you are her sister. Maybe this is creepy since you don't know me, but you all are so beautiful!

Ann said...

I am sad I missed her! Glad you 8 had a good time.