Monday, February 15, 2010

Dear February,

You sneaky shivery thing.  January takes just enough of the frozen flack from winter-naysayers to let you slide below-radar, then jumping out from behind a thick shadowy sky, you are tricky.  You prozac pusher you, distilling joyful hearts into hopeless beating vapors.  That chill you churn turns woodsy red-leaf recollections of Fall into mere echos in our brains.  Feigning a tender heart, you tease midway through your month with a day of love.  You goad then gawk, but we aim to thwart those attempts to bury the surety of Spring with your cold drizzle.

February, stand down.  Have you seen our little leggy tomato plants indoors growing while you play your game?  We're filling you up with dinner guests, fresh cut flowers, edible sprouts, haircuts and colors, not to mention planning sessions for Lucy's fifth birthday.  We plan to usher in Miss March with more fanfare than you, February, could ever afford.  100 helium balloons?  Tied to ten chairs?  Under the oaks?  You just try and stop us!!

Cicada Cottage and her contents


Kurt Knudsen said...

We're halfway to March. Balloons it is!

TX Girl said...

It is rather sneaky. After 12.5 inches of snow and 24 hours without power (and car) I would like to scream JUST GO AWAY.
word verification: deress.. rather apropo no?

Tasha said...

They say April is the cruelest month, I think it si February! For sure!

Ann said...

Man, you really don't like February, but you put it so beautifully. Here's to a happy and warmer March!

Molly said...

You heard her, February. STAND DOWN!

The Original Mangums said...

I think we have all had a crazy winter, the worst one we have ever had and it is still hanging on!