Monday, January 04, 2010

We've had the coldest weather yet (since our arrival) here in North Carolina.  And still, it was a warm respite from the frigid that is Ohio.  From thence came Dr. Gooch's loveliest sibling and two of her three chickadees.  Carley, who loves Soccer and Hello Kitty in that order, nearly swooned at the idea of a Hello Kitty Soccer Ball. Dallin schooled us all in both a game of Settlers and staying the most awake New Year's Eve.

My rascals worship the ground that Laurie's rascals walk on.  They began to fall into a perfect playful rhythm with a mean game of hide-n-seek when a storm front threatened a fairweather drive home and they bailed out early.  We came back with our own threats of returning the favor with a visit up North (when Ohio heats up a little, of course.)

Thanks for the memories, Buschkins.


The Busch's Hullabaloo said...

We had a great time, my children are still talking about our trip to the "warm" weather, and "mom, can't we go back?" We will be back to finish that game of hide-and-go-seek! Love you!

The Original Mangums said...

It looked like so much fun, sorry we missed it!