Wednesday, January 06, 2010

First Tooth: Lost

Seth is 6 1/2.  He lost swallowed his first tooth during our ringing in of the new year.  That night in bed, he asked me, "What does the tooth fairy DO with all the teeth he gets?"

Me: I'm not sure, but he probably uses the teeth to build the tooth fairy castles.
Seth: How do they stay up--the teeth?
Me:  Cement.
Seth:  Why don't they just build the whole castle out of cement?
Me:  Because they like how the teeth are shiny and white.
Seth:  Oh.


k a t y said...

Well, now, if thouse aren't the thoughts of an architect in the making!! So cute.

Molly said...

Our tooth fairy, Maxine, also uses the teeth for bracelets and other tooth fairy jewelry.

The Original Mangums said...

I don't know what she does with all the teeth, but I sure know Seth is a WINNER!