Wednesday, December 02, 2009

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

WHEN THE DOG BITES!! (sorry, couldn't resist)

1.  Smooch from Dr. Gooch on my still sleeping head before he leaves in the morning.
2.  Seth's handwritten lists.
3.  The smell of Paperwhites mixed with Christmas Tree mixed with cinnamon and cloves simmering on the stove.
4.  Gumming baby cheeks
5.  A freshly vacuumed rug
6.  Cup 'O Noodles
7.  Really wide Grosgrain ribbon
8.  Parties (there are never enough parties)
9.  Drives (going on them)
10.  New Friends
11.  Old Friends
12.  Naps
13.  Hazel's smoker voice
14.  Lucy's lips
15.  Seth's laugh
16.  Dr. Gooch's dimples (more like wide divots)
17.  Avery's thumb sucking
18.  Rainy, stormy, dark nights alone in the house
19.  Galloping on horseback
20.  Nibs
21.  Clever, Funny people
22.  The light at the CC at 3pm
23.  Hazel pooping in her pull-up tonight
24.  When Avery gets up for a midnight snack (love those sleepy shakes and swollen eyes)
25.  December


Kurt Knudsen said...

How do you cross off items?
I need to learn that trick.
Teach me! Teach me! Teach me!

Rebecca said...

Yes, we both keep talking about it. By the way, a great list.

k a t y said...

M & D, you need to switch to the new version of blogger and there is a neat little button to do cross-offs.

We call #4 camel kisses. A lovely list, indeed.

merathon said...

jordan, can you do a tutorial on how to do blog headers like you do? i've wanted to do something cool with mine for a long time now, but have no idea!

madsta said...

we have terrifyingly similar lists! i love december!